Instagram is THE WORST social media app for young people’s self-esteem according to a study reported by CNN. 1,500 young people, age 14 to 24 ,were tested on how certain social media platforms impacted their health and well-being.

The study found that the participants dealt with issues of anxiety, depression and self-identity, as well as body image because of their profiles.

The most damaging social media platforms according to the study are Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, and Facebook. YouTube was shown to have positive effects on the youth’s mental health, unlike the other platforms.

Instagram draws young women to “compare themselves against unrealistic, largely curated, filtered and Photoshopped versions of reality,” Matt Keracher, author of the report, told CNN.

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Well, between the stunts like the “Kylie Jenner lip challenge” across those platforms, and everyone trying to stunt on instagram like Bow wow, we could’ve guess this. We didn’t really need a study. But now that it’s confirmed, does this mean people are going to start monitoring their social media participation?