More details about the rift between the ladies has come to light and TMZ reporting the root of the issue.

Remember when we told you that Nia was said to be habitually late to set? Well apparently one of the of male actors on the set directly addressed her tardiness with the following quip:

“Damn, why are you on black people time?”

Production sources say that Nia got butt-hurt and went postal on the actor in front of everybody. The actor tried to calm Nia down by insisting that it was just a joke, but Nia was not having it. At all.

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The chewing out lead Taraji P. Henson to quip:

“What are you, on your period? Is it that time, girlfriend?”

That was the gasoline on the fire. Things were so contentious at that point the women began shooting separate scenes. Sources say that Taraji is protective of the cast and crew and doesn’t allow any disrespect to her people.

We should note that Nia’s reps are denying ALL of this, but after hearing all the details does it really seem that unrealistic?