The National Association of Nigerian Nurses and Midwives, Federal Health Institutions Sector (NANNM/FHI) on Thursday, called on the attention of the federal government and the good people of Nigeria to the plight and sufferings netted out to Nurses and Midwives under the Ministry of Health (FMOH) in the country.

The call was made by the National President of the association, Mr Adewale Olatunde during the National protest /rally carried out at the Ministry of Health’s premise and its environs in Abuja.

Mr Olatunde told newsmen that the rally was carried out to draw the attention of the federal government and the public to the breach of agreement between the ministry and NANNM of providing health faculties and improving of nurses and midwives welfare by the ministry.

He said that instead, the funds are being diverted for personal and selfish gains.

In his statement, “We are all living witnesses of the series of industrial actions by the Associations/ Unions that have their members under the FMOH in the last decade with the huge human and economic loses.

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The NANNM President blamed these loses on the individuals in the ministry also known as ‘Cabals’ for their vows made to disrupt the peace of in the FMOH and its parastatals, saying that this is one of the main factors that have consistently put Nigeria in an unenviable position in all health indices in a recent ranking which rates the country as 187 out of the 191 countries evaluated in spite of the massive human and financial resources made available for health care delivery services in the country.

He lamented over the fact that over the last 24 months, pensioner nurses and midwives have not been paid their pensions even though the government and other financiers of the Health ministry had made funds available to cater for the pensioners.

Also adding that for a while now, a large number of Nurses in Nigeria have not been paid their salaries not to talk of other allowances that by right should be theirs.

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Mr. Olatunde put it to the government and public of the fact that because Nigeria have well trained and professional Nurses and Midwives qualified enough, lots of them are being employed elsewhere in the world and are deemed proficient in their jobs.

However, he said that if all is put in place to better the wellbeing of nurses and midwives, the case will be different, adding that Nigerians will not have to be running abroad for treatments again. He reiterated that our nurses and midwives are competent.

The rally had practitioners in the field chanting all sort of pleas, saying, “Teaching allowance, na ma money o! Enough is enough” among others.
Still in the chanting mood, Mr. Attahiru Mohammed also stated another needs of the Union members, saying that NANNM members need promotions from a cadre to the next.

This means that, instead of them being promoted from level 11 to 11 which is absurd, they need to be promoted from their current level to a next higher level. Example, from level 14 to 15.
The protest was a very peaceful one that saw both the police and the members of the association respecting each other’s presence.