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Foreign and Commonwealth Office (Operations and Corporate Services)

Estates, FMCU (Facilities Management Client Unit)

Main purpose of job:

The main purpose of this job will be to act as a Liaison Officer for the British Deputy High Commission, Accommodation Section and the Technical Works Group (TWG). They will also support and assist the Technical Works Officer (TWO) and the Corporate Services Manager (CSM) in ensuring the Estate is maintained to an acceptable standard with constant feedback through spreadsheet reports on purchasing, property inventories, supply contracts, energy and efficiency measures.

Roles and responsibilities / what will   the jobholder be expected to achieve:

Leadership and Management

  •  Management of the Estates team to ensure the team delivers a   high quality service according to the agreed service level agreement by tracking   and monitoring key performance indicators in line with the FCO policies on   Estate Management.
  • Line manages and completes performance appraisals for staff; and   support staff learning and development to develop capacity within the team.   Ensure staff complete all mandatory training including Health and Safety.
  • Develop and implement an Estates and Assets Management Plan for Lagos   that highlights key priorities for maintenance, refurbishment and   development.
  • Ensure compliance with all FCO Estates and Assets rules and   regulations. Work with the regional Technical Works Officer (TWO) to ensure   all audit report recommendations are implemented for Lagos.
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Estates Management

Residential/ Office

  • Source accommodation for all UK officers in conjunction with the TWO or CSM and Post Housing Committee and submit for appraisal.
  • Assist with rent/ lease agreements with the full assistance of a UK member of staff and the legal advisor (where applicable).
  • Source from approved suppliers meeting relevant Health and Safety requirements, furniture and furnishings, complying with the relevant purchasing guidelines.
  • Maintain full up to date inventories of all properties including Offices, Residence and all Post Hirings, submit quarterly reports to TWO/CSM.
  • Oversee the management of machinery contracts, market test to ensure value for money, ensure all machinery is maintained and upgraded as required.
  • Manage  cleaning supplies set up draw down contracts, market test and ensure value for money.
  • Keep  full inventories of all Residence and non-Residence furniture, all  stores, cleaning supplies etc. and submit to TWO/EM quarterly spreadsheets on purchases.
  • Keep full spreadsheet inventories of all furniture, white goods, furnishing (in accordance with FCO Guidelines) and create a 5 year rolling programme of  replacements, submit to TWO/ EM yearly to enable bids to be placed.  Where appropriate set up contracts for bulk purchases and ensure value for money.
  • Arrange disposal auctions as and when required, draw up brochure   details with photographs for sale brochure. Manage sales, attend sealed bid   boards, arrange all removals and disposals under the direction of the CSM.
  • Supervise the daily cleaning of all   BHC compounds and offices; and ensuring that vacant houses are prepared and   furnished with necessary furniture/float within reasonable time before new arrivals.
  • Conduct March-in/March-out   inventories for all new arrivals, keep hard and soft copies, and ensuring  that Officers sign with the Estates Administrator officer as a   confirmation/acknowledgement and making sure that signed copy is kept by both  parties for records and future reference accordingly.
  • Oversee the running of Accommodation   stores by ensuring that the storekeeper complies with Stores Regulation/Guidelines   through regular spot-checks.
  • Line Management Responsibility for 1 x LEIII Administrator /   Buyer and 1 x Accommodation Officer and 9 x Estate Labourers.
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Health & Safety


  • Ensure the BDHC Residential Estate and Offices eet all Health and Safety requirements in line with FCO guidance including: Compliance with Fire Alarm standards, Gas Installation compliancy, Electrical Installations compliancy, Provision of Safe Drinking Water, Asbestos Management.

Financial and Budget Management


  • Oversee the procurement of goods and services and management of service contracts for BDHC office & residential properties for maintenance of Furnishing, Cleaning items, Gardening, Pest Control, & Sanitary Equipment  to ensure value for money and adherence to agreed TORs. Work closely with  the technical team to draft TORs with specific deliverables for maintenance contracts.
  • Forecast and monitor running costs related to   Estates including office services, and residential accommodation. Continuously   explore areas for efficiencies and savings.
  • Certify and approve payments related to   Estates and Assets Management.
  • Management of Estates Imprest account.
  • Manage the Official GPC card  to procure goods and services for Estates, and maintain records and supporting documents for audit purposes.

Environmental Management


  • Ensure that utilities are monitored monthly and costs driven down.

Asset management


  • Ensure the   BDHC Estates inventories for office & residential equipment are kept up   to date at all times on the FCO Property Database – Pyramid.
  • Manage   disposal of official equipment following FCO guidance.
  • Carry out quarterly spot checks on the   furniture store.

  • Experience and knowledge of Estates Management, Budgeting and Contract Management; and managing a team and   working across cultures
  • Pyramid
  • Fire Safety Standards
  • Health & Safety
  • FCO Policies & Guidelines

Knowledge and familiarity with UK building, and Health and Safety standards, and UK suppliers for furnishings and fittings of Estates to FCO standards   and expectations.

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Changing and Improving, Leading and Communicating, Collaborating and Partnering, Building Capability for All, Delivering Value for Money, Managing a Quality Service

26 July 2016

B3 (L)

Fixed Term

12 months




British Deputy High Commission



15 August 2016

  • For more information about the FCO competencies please refer the following link:
  • Employees recruited locally by the British Deputy High Commission in Lagos are subject to Terms and Conditions of Service according to local employment law in Nigeria.
  • Employees who are not eligible to pay local income tax: e.g. certain third-country nationals and spouses/partners of UK diplomats will have their salaries abated by an equivalent amount.
  • Reference checking and security clearances will be conducted.
  • Any questions you may have about this position will only be answered during interview, should you be invited.

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