By Angela Inusa



Some of us who are very conscious of our health and staying alive already know the dos and don’ts of staying healthy through proper dieting and exercise.

For some who are buoyant, they regularly visit their dieticians and gym instructors. While some others flip through the pages of newspapers and magazines to get information on how to Do it Yourself (DIY) articles on Staying healthy.

However, most Nigerians usually have this apathy of “woo joor, Na for my head them start this thing sef”? Lol!

Very funny I suppose. But it truly not funny as it is a poor attitude amongst Nigerians. Many of us hardly ever follow a cause through to its end. We usually stop our own progress in the middle.

So, in essence, as regards to staying healthy, going on that early morning jogs, doing those thigh-breaking squats and doing all manner of exercise at the gym to keep fit and stay in shape, most people put a pause on these activities for weeks through the month of December being the month set aside for vacations, celebration and so on to January when the yuletide season ends.

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Some even use this opportunity to steal back into their old routine of eating junks, late night meals and engaging in activities that are ‘anti- staying-healthy lifestyles, claiming; ‘it’s just for a while’ at the end of which they find it difficult to reactivate the ‘keeping-fit’ routine.

Anyway, let me advise that this period should be the period when we show ourselves the much needed ‘self-love’ by ensuring we intensify better healthy eating. We must intensify the habit of exercise more as this will not only boost immune, but improve our physique and general wellbeing when we start the New Year.

Remember that your money and resources shouldn’t be used on self-destructive lifestyle but on helping to live longer and staying healthier. Don’t forget the old saying, “heaven helps those who help themselves”.

So friends, let me remind you on the tips of staying healthy. For those of us who are not enlightened yet, here are some hand-down tips from a reliable source:

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Follow a healthy eating plan

Set up a healthy eating plan
with foods low in saturated fat,
total fat, and cholesterol, and
high in fruits, vegetables, and
low fat dairy foods such as the
DASH eating plan.

Write down
everything that you eat and drink
in a food diary. Note areas
that are successful or need improvement. If you are trying
to lose weight, choose an eating
plan that is lower in calories.

Reduce sodium in your diet

Choose foods that are low in
salt and other forms of sodium.
Use spices, garlic, and onions
to add flavor to your meals
without adding more sodium.

Drink alcohol only in moderation
or don’t drink if possible

In addition to raising blood
pressure, too much alcohol
can add
unneeded calories to your diet.
If you drink alcoholic beverages,
have only a moderate amount.

Irrespective of either you are
on our natural supplement or
drug, you still must follow the
lifestyle changes mentioned

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For those who are either diabetic or hypertensive, these tips are very vital.

Remain healthy, strong and beautiful this Christmas and New year and join us sometime next year for more life saving tips.

Once again, stay good by increasing your fruit and fiber intakes and your time for exercise.