It’s prom season and although Christian Combs already experienced his  senior prom, he escorted his half-brother Justin’s little sister to her prom this week. Justin, who is the eldest of the Combs clan, and little sister Madison Star are both children of  Misa Hylton. Christian Combs is Porter’s oldest son.

Remember when Kim Porter and Misa Hylton didn’t even see eye-to-eye?


These two siblings by law actually reside on different coasts, so why did Christian opt to take Madison to prom?



Prom @madisonvercetti @kingcombs #FamilyBusiness
We decided as brothers that none of our sisters are taking any boys to prom as dates because we know their intentions & we ain’t havin it!!! Lol so every one of our sisters will be going with one of us to prom! Idc how old we are lol


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