By Francis Etuko

The Senate Minority Leader, Sen. Godswill Akpabio has said he will be ready to stand before a court of competent jurisdiction to testify in a case involving, Senator Bassey Albert Akpan and Bassey Etim who is presently contesting the Akwa Ibom North East senatorial district sit with him in the Appeal court.

Speaking when he was besieged by Journalists at the National Assembly on Tuesday, Akpabio though declined to speak extensively on the matter said the case is before a court and it will be subjudiced to speak on the matter.

His words ‘‘ Whenever a case is in court it becomes subjudice for anybody to make a statement on it or else your action may force a fait accompli on the matter. What is actually happening from my own knowledge is that the person that was the candidate prior to and during the election was Senator Albert Akpan, and I was the candidate for Ikot Ekpene Senatorial District, while Senator Nelson Effiong was the candidate for Eket Senatorial district’’.

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‘‘So, Surprisingly I read on the newspapers that one of my citizens went to court to say that he was the candidate and not Senator Albert Akpan, I don’t want to make a comment because the case is in court, but I do know that I campaigned in the state with Senator Albert Akpan and he still remains the authentic candidate of the party to the best of my knowledge, during; before and after the election and he was massively voted for by the people of Uyo Senatorial district’’

‘‘What is happening now is baffling to me I have heard of such stories in Nigeria, where candidate ‘A’ will go to the election to win while Candidate ‘B’ will use the court to take the term of ‘A’. I have heard about such instances I don’t want to mention the state’’.

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‘‘Where ever we go Justice is important and justice should not be whenever it affects your neighbor, the only thing that can help to develop our society is to have a society where there is justice’’

‘‘It’s a pre-election matter because Bassey Etim is saying that it is a pre-election matter so he should be declared the winner, I will however not want to comment on the matter because I was the leader of the party in the state at that time, and if the Court subpoena’s me I will appear in Court to give evidence’’.

However, WATCHDOG news learnt that the leadership of the Senate on Tuesday ordered Mr Bassey Etim to stop his incessant visits to the national assembly and await the judgment of the Supreme Court on the case pending between him and Senator Albert Bassey Akpan.

Though there are insinuations that Bassey Etim left in tears after he was disappointed and was not sworn-in to replace Senator Albert Akpan in the red chamber.
An eye witness in the Senate President’s office confirmed that Mr. Etim left the premises of the National Assembly in tears after he was given the marching orders.


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